Twins on a farm

A grandmother on the moon

A family on a submarine

A mother on top of a mountain

Students in antarctica

A couple in the desert

Friends in a rainforest

A teenager and their cat

Retirees in a treehouse

A toddler in a castle

hearing about food inequity

observing forced migration

recognizing droughts and water scarcity

witnessing loss of species diversity

learning about land grabbing

relating resource control

experiencing extreme weather

detecting climate health impacts

predicting rising sea levels

describing greenwashing

and building community

and exploring digital activism

and lobbying

and promoting the commons

and contributing to digital commons

and designing circular systems

and leading a social movement

and educating on injustice

and discussing potential solutions

and hearing multiple narratives

Twins on a farm is an interactive flip book seeking to rethink mediums for action as presented in (environmental) education. Moving beyond the epoch of recycling, bake sales, and fundraisers, this tool pairs playful personhood, and current socio-environmental issues, with alternative methods for change.

Visually stimulating and conceptually abstract, this work is designed as an ongoing project in thinking beyond the constraints—what can we do that we cannot yet imagine?

Belonging to your own imaginaires, this project functions as an ongoing and limitless invitation for play a new reference for how we understand our citizenry; and ultimately, how we build our democracies.

Emma Vos, 2022